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25 reasons to start thanking your mom (and not stopping)

  • by Alba luz Leal
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They gave us life, all their time, unconditional love and their values. And in return, we gave them some stretch marks and a good bag of dislikes. But this is motherhood: the greatest sacrifice one person is capable of making for another. And something to be constantly thankful for. And not just on Mother’s Day! We give you many reasons to thank your mothers today and always. 1.- To be proud of ourselves, even when it came to filling out a page of our Rubio calligraphy. 2.- For telling us we were pretty… fresh from the dentist and with a new appliance on our teeth. 3.- To change our snack sandwich for chocolate with bread on the days when we were sad. 4.- For allowing us to loop The Little Mermaid. 5.- To read endless stories at bedtime. 6.- For having ignored the hundreds of “I hate you”, “I cannot stand you” and “as soon as I can, I will leave this house” that we released throughout our terrible adolescence. 7.- For having taught us to hide these first buttons. 8.- To be convinced that what we had on our legs and arms was fluffy, impossible to remove. 9.- To cook homemade dishes every day and teach us to eat healthy. We might have hated mashed vegetables back then, but now we crave a mash that tastes like our memories. 10.- To pass our first period with us, to comfort us in difficult times and to help relieve pain. 11.-For telling us that we were getting too skinny … when it was true. 12.- Do not hide the fact that he did not like this toxic friend. 13.- For showing us that with a good education you can do more than without it. 14.- To defend ourselves against bullies and malicious comments. 15.- For telling us that these pants were fatal to us. 16. For teaching us that small wounds heal with kisses. And the big ones, with hugs and all your understanding. 17.- For acting as seamstresses when we had to wear a suit to school, as financial analysts when we had to open our first bank account, as an assistant whenever we wanted to move, and as a counselor in all other areas of our life. 18.- For giving us your secret recipe for meatballs in sauce. 19.- To listen to each of the times when we need it. 20. For having believed in ourselves before ourselves. 21.- For showing us that this boy for whom we cried so much was not worth it. 22.- To force us to brush our teeth three times a day and take care of our skin. 23.- To spend the afternoon with the taxi drivers and take us to all the extra-curricular activities that have done us so much good in the long term. 24.- For trying to befriend all our boyfriends. Yes, even the one we got when we went through our most ’emo’ stage. 25.- For teaching us what true love is. Photos: In Jared | Such a stick, such a splinter. 9 mothers and daughters with the same style