A bomb! Here is NASA’s new 65-meter-high rocket

UNITED STATES – NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) is already assembled and ready to take off. Your mission ? Go to the Moon thanks to the Artemis project. At 65 meters high and weighing 85 tonnes, it is believed to be the largest and most powerful rocket ever created by the space agency. Additionally, he mentioned that he was previously lifted at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In this sense, it has been pointed out that this rocket has two boosters on its sides. And it has also been pointed out that, so far, it has no similar, only SpaceX’s Starship, which will join the Super Heavy-Lift. In addition to its colossal size and weight, additional capsules are expected to be added in order to have payloads and a cabin for astronauts. NASA itself has shared a video on its Twitter account where you can see the process of being able to put the rocket vertically. On the other hand, it should be noted that the space agency had tested its engines in March 2021 and, although it did not take off, it has now been taken to Mississippi for assembly and transported to Florida for a launch. later this year. Likewise, the SLS has as its main composition a large fuel tank and four engines. But it has been detailed that what will give it the propulsion (to take off) will be the 57-meter thrusters that are next to it. During this time, the main tank will be used so that the trip to the Moon can be made and back. And an important fact is that Artemis will be the mission that uses this rocket for the first time. Exploration Ground Systems engineers and @JacobsConnects lifted the center stage of the @NASA_SLS rocket for the @NASAArtemis I mission in the @NASAKennedy vehicle assembly building. Discover this timelapse of operations. pic.twitter.com/Vnv6GnJ7VX – NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems (@NASAGroundSys) June 11, 2021 In the same context, NASA explained that this mission will be to demonstrate its capabilities to get to the Moon. With this, it is expected that afterwards the possibility of sending people will be assessed, which has long been dragging the halls of the space agency. Of course, the feat speaks for itself and time will reveal what happens with the SLS. On the other hand, it has been revealed that the Artemis III mission will be responsible for sending astronauts to the Moon. For now, it is assumed that this could happen in 2024 or the following years. But for this feat, NASA will work with SpaceX and its mighty Starship, which is in the process of being adapted to the colossal task that awaits it and which will be a real bomb when the time turns.

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