A bomb! Here’s how inconspicuous the auroras are on Mars and how beautiful they are

UNITED STATES.- Mars continues to be studied by specialists. The data from the various missions provide truly amazing information and have allowed us to learn more about the Red Planet. And recently, the UAE Space Agency managed to capture photos of the inconspicuous auroras that illuminate our neighbor’s nighttime atmosphere. In this sense, it was reported that a year of work was done to collect the images. These are part of the “Hope” mission and are aimed at knowing the mysteries of Mars. For this reason, it has been detailed that auroras appear when energetic particles from the Sun collide with the magnetosphere of any planet and this is what produces incredible luminosity. This phenomenon is called “ghostly glow”, but what surprised experts is that the red planet lost its magnetosphere 4.2 billion years ago due to solar winds. In this context, it was mentioned that the aurora could have been generated by the presence of certain fragments of the crust of Mars still magnetized, according to the publication of the Scientific News and Information System (SINC). “These snapshots are unique: it is the first time that such detailed and clear observations are made globally, as well as at wavelengths never before observed, supporting the theory that solar storms are not necessary for bring auroras to this planet. The mission’s chief scientist, Hessa Al Matroushi, revealed. In addition, he added that this is an achievement that allows us to learn more about the atmosphere of the Red Planet. For their part, the photographs were captured by the Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer (EMUS), which is a very sensitive ultraviolet device. “The data we collect confirms the enormous potential we now have to explore the Martian auroras and the interactions between their magnetic fields, the atmosphere and solar particles with a coverage and sensitivity that we could only dream of before,” said Justin Deighan of the Mission. . to March from Emirates.

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