A bomb! These are the two new tank items in League Of Legends

UNITED STATES.- Everything indicates that Summoner’s Rift will have some pretty interesting condiments. League Of Legends has introduced two new items for tanks through the PBE and it looks like Riot Games wants to have this space much more open for their players. With the update of the client will arrive these novelties which are really a bomb. First of all, he was recently informed of a splitpush element that will allow some real madness in the game and more specifically in the turrets. This is the Hullbreaker, an item that offers the ability to “power up” the cannon minion and take it with you into enemy turrets. It’s undeniably going to turn into a real riot that Riot eventually fixes after arriving. But now the developer has introduced two more elements in League Of Legends that focus on tanks. The first one is “Elderplate” or “Ancestral Plate” and at the moment we do not know in detail what it will do, but its statistics are as follows: 400 points of life. 50 magic resistance. 10 skill speed. It will cost 2,900 gold and you certainly can’t wait to use it. Source: Screenshot of PBA from League Of Legends. The other of them is “Chains of Anathema”, but luckily we have several data on it: 650 health. 20 skill speed. Active: Choose an enemy to create a 90 second Vendetta. Vendetta: Reduces damage dealt by an enemy by up to 30% and 1% stacked. Vengeance: When all stacks are reached, your enemy will have 20% less Tenacity against you. The object could be focused well enough against another splitpush to better gain the solo line. For example, it is useful with Malphite against Irelia or Riven. For now, no details have been given, but we will surely know more about these objects soon, in particular the “Ancestral Plate”, which should be a real bomb for several tanks in League Of Legends.

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