A delight! Series, films and documentaries: these are the first Disney Plus for the month of July

UNITED STATES.- The month of July is fast approaching and with it many productions are arriving on streaming platforms. For this reason, through Intra News we will tell you which are the firsts arriving at Disney Plus. Series, films and documentaries that promise too much and, therefore, are really a bomb and that you cannot miss, since not everything focuses on the star film “Black Widow”. Jungle cruise: July 30 (with supplement). Glass: July 2. Absolutely fabulous: July 9th. Black Widow: July 9 (with supplement). Planet of the Apes: July 9. The rise of the planet of the apes: July 16. Marvel Meet Spidey and His Great Team: July 21. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: July 23 War for the Planet of the Apes: July 30. Monsters at work: July 7. Loki: July 7 and 14. Members and dogs: July 21. Marvel Legends Episode 9: July 7. Empire, temporada 4: July 7. My father, the zodiac killer: July 14. The race at the end of the world: July 14. The body of the crime: July 14. Father Made in Usa, new episodes: July 14. How to create an attraction: July 21. Chip and Chop: Life in the Park: July 28. Life in Pieces: July 28. Last notice: July 28. Returning roles with Robin Roberts: July 28. Documentaries: Hip Hop Uncovered: July 7. The Valley of Success: July 21. Playing with sharks: July 23. Secrets of the Bulldog Shark: July 23. Shark vs. Surfer: July 23. Shark versus tuna: July 23. Shark vs. whale: July 23. Sharks and volcanoes: July 23. Summer of Soul: July 30. Undeniably, all eyes are on “Black Widow,” the movie starring Scarlett Johansson that has Marvel fans on the edge of their seats. Additionally, and following the Marvel line, Loki will be creating two more chapters in the hit “God of Lies” series. Better to prepare a good drink, some food and settle in your favorite place to enjoy these firsts which are a bomb.

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