A family meal with a lot of hype

The premise of “Record of Ragnarok” is something that appeals to anyone who enjoys “a little action”: The 13 most powerful humans in all of history take on 13 gods in an attempt to prevent the eradication of the humanity. Hype to tons and a lot of noise, clearly, but one thing is to have a Gibson Les Paul and another to know how to use it, or this anime would be: whether you are more interested in the material than the guitar is only made of the sound it can produce. Between guitars and family meals (yes, the title) it might seem a little confusing for now, but I promise you it makes perfect sense. Although to find it, logically, you have to read a little more than what I present. ‘You talk a lot, under your hood’ The characters in “Record of Ragnarok” are from a brutal mythical and / or fantastic context. In the same episode, we can see Odin, Zeus, then Bach, Mozart and Adam, the first human to tell about religion. The team are really amazing and play a lot in their favor … but sometimes against them as well. The beginning of the anime, with the first battle between Lu Bu and Thor, I repeat, LU BU AND THOR; The greatest warrior fantasy of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the iconic Norse god with Mjolnir becomes … a succession of ‘flashbacks’. Animation is not one of the strong points of “Record of Ragnarok”, and it’s something that is easily appreciated and, at the same time, quite clashes with the concept of anime. In the end, you present the craziest and most absurd fights in all of history, and you don’t have an iota of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, “Jujutsu Kaisen” or the first temporada of “One Punch Man.” “; In all fairness, what keeps the fights afloat are certain moments that are reinforced by the identity and journey of the characters who participate in them, although at times it becomes difficult to get there. It’s always the characters and their stories that carry the weight of the anime, and going back to the example of Lu Bu and Thor’s fight, the exchange of blows of the two can end up being practically counted on the fingers of one hand. . It is a relatively passive confrontation, the turning point of which is marked by the “definitive techniques” of each. So how long does the match last for more than one episode? Because in the process, we know how Thor savagely killed the Giants of Jotunheim or how Lu Bu died of boredom, literally. That is, stories that in their fair measure are good, but not if you’re going to change them for what I hoped would be a brutal fight between two of the greatest beasts in all of human history with their own names. . In that sense, the anime is slowly taking on body, and the second and third fight end up leaving a bit of highlighting but, again, not using any exceptional animation in any way, let alone. In essence, the dynamics of “Record of Ragnarok” are like that of the “cuñao” the meme was generated on: it still has the perfect story to tell, but what it means to take the action, you won’t. not see that much either. “Record of Ragnarok” is it, a lot of incredible characters, fictional or who have really existed in the “human world”, but who end up drowning more in their personal comics than not immersing themselves in it. end result of the fight. Record of Ragnarok is worth it, but more as a story than an anime “Record of Ragnarok” is an anime that in essence “is doing well”, no more and no less. There are some pretty epic moments that by their nature make me think at the same time, without ever having read the original manga, that the anime adaptation actually does relatively little in favor of the work as a reckoning. There wasn’t a really differential moment in those 12 chapters that got me thinking about the need for anime as such, instead of manga, something that shouldn’t be as dramatic as it sounds. really. Seeing the anime is definitely worth it, and as a viewer I have a lot of interest in the second temporada (because it actually looks like it’s going for three or four seasons of content quietly), but not because the adaptation of Netflix’s Hand is capable of delighting the most die-hard animation fans. Quite simply because, as I said, the combination of numbers that the story is based on ends up working quite in favor of what we’re being told. “Record of Ragnarok” is not a “gem”, it’s that old book that dusting off can end up leaving you with more of a surprise.

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