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Angel Beats – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Angel Beats has a legion of fãs peaceonados by the inner world, so you can check out the main characters of the work here, as well as some additional interesting curiosities about them. Angel Beats – Check out the main characters of Angel Beats below: Kanade Tachibana Kanade Tachibana, also known as Anjo pela Frente from Batalha Após a Vida (who was called by Hideki Hinata and then used the leader of the hair group Yuri Nakamura to designate Kanade (on discovering his misunderstood skills), he is at school a few days after death and is considered the president of the student council. As the president of the school’s student council, Kanade was responsible for ensuring that all students were able to deal with their personal issues. Isso ultimately comes into conflict with Yuri’s determination to blame Deus for his difficulties in life, and he becomes a new favorite for his death in his foundation. Kanade is the titular heroine of Angel Beats. Yuzuru Otonashi Yuzuru Otonash is the main character of Angel Beats !, He came as two new members of SSS, and received a life after death. After an accident of his life, he remembers his afterlife with his memories. After discovering or an ongoing conflict between a group of students who call themselves Afterlife Battlefront and a mysterious garota known as “Angel”, he joins SSS to seek refuge or group while trying to recover his memories. He ended up becoming one of the most important and influential figures on the battlefront, but he was not able to change the minds of his members, or that he ended up allowing the SSS to survive the upper provinces of the group, but also transformed. in the maré da guerra by means of his intervention with “Angel”. Yuri Nakamura Yuri Nakamura is two main characters of Angel Beats! She is the founder and leader of the Afterlife school organization, Afterlife Battlefront. She leads a campaign of several students who fight against Deus, blamed for their cruel fate. Yui Yu is a big fan of Girls Dead Monster, serving as a publicity assistant for other issues as well. Ela became the lead singer after Iwasawa passed away. She sang “Thousand Enemies” as the lead singer, in addition to other music, “Shine Days”, this was not fully sung in a series, but almost never said. Hideki Hinata Ele is or co-founder of SSS with Yuri Nakamura. Because they are two of the strongest and most skilled homens in the group, custom will be placed in situations that will protect their companions from any guardian, in many cases, from Yuri himself. Masami Iwasawa Masami Iwasawa is one of the main characters in Angel Beats, appearing as the founder and original frontman of the group Girls Dead Monster, where she is the band’s guitarist and singer. Ayato Naoi Ayato Naoi is two students of the Afterlife School and is considered the vice president of the school’s student council. He temporarily assumes the post of Kanade Tachibana as long as the faculty to force him to resign. Or self-proclaimed “Deus”, Naoi initially uses extremely violent methods to remain na vida after death, but the depois joins the post-death battle after Yuzuru Otonashi’s incitement. Eri Shiina Eri Shiina is a member of the Battle Front apos a Vida and a “self-proclaimed ninja” who fights with traditional Japanese weapons, such as the kodachi and dual-use shuriken. She looks like a line in front of the club and an enigmatic person whose past is shrouded in mystery. Also check: