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Apex Legends 9 – Week 5 challenges + ALGS Calendar

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Apex Legends Global Series Championship has already started airing. While during the month of June we shouldn’t expect good news for Apex Legends, that doesn’t imply that the video game is going to be discontinued, and is that, for example, the ALGS has just been released. start. Through Apex Legends’ official YouTube and Twitch channels, fans will be able to follow matches in North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). You might also be interested in: Apex Legends nerfs Valkyrie with its new patch + Twitter comic. This week’s grid will run until June 6 with daily matches, you can check out the schedules in the tweet below: temporada 9, Week 5 challenges. Deal 1000 damage with pistols in Battle Royale / +10 stars. , Valkyrie, or Pathfinder in any / +10 star mode. Deal 5,000 damage as Bangalore, Octane, or Horizon in Battle Royale / +10 Stars. Deal 5,000 damage with sniper rifles in Arenas / +10 stars. Get 15 kills as Bangalore, Valkyrie Caustic in Battle Royale / +5 stars Finish in the top 3 as Revenant, Fuse or Gibraltar in Battle Royale / +5 stars. Get 50 arena kills / +5 stars. Collect 10 legendary items in Battle Royale / +2 stars. Play 10 games in arenas / +2 stars. Hit 2 enemies with a smoke grenade as Bangalore in Battle Royale / +2 stars. Get 25 headshots in Battle Royale / +2 stars. Please feel free to visit our website frequently to stay up to date with Apex Legends highlights. You can find the Xbox community on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.