Apex Legends 9 – Week 7 challenges + New skin for Prime Gaming

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is now over. A little later than it should, and the impact of the amazing Xbox and Bethesda conference last Sunday still has consequences, is that in the Xbox community we bring the weekly news review to Apex Legends. It’s time to keep moving forward in the Battle Pass, which is why the Week 7 challenges can be viewed below. You may also like: [E3 2021] Shredder, snowboarding is back in fashion. Prime Gaming and Global Series. We have good news for Prime Gaming members and is that a new skin can now be used if you have an active subscription to the service. The legend that takes the new skin is Revenant with the Sakura Steel Skin. Regarding the competitive battle royale mode scene, the Apex Legends Global Series Championship has already crowned the best teams in the world. For North America region, the winning team was Kungarna, while for Europe, Middle East and Africa, the winning team was SCARZ, for Asia-South Pacific we have WOLFPACK, for l ‘North Asia-Pacific we have FENNEL and for South America we have Paradox Esports. Challenges for temporada 9, Week 7. Inflict 2,500 damage with Sniper Rifles in Battle Royale / + 10 Stars. Play 12 games as Pathfinder, Revenant, or Mirage in any / + 10 star mode. Finish 20 times in the top 10 in Battle Royale / +10 stars deals 2,500 gun damage in arenas / +10 stars deals 500 damage in a single match Battle Royale / +5 stars finishes in the top 5 10 times in Battle Royale / +5 stars deals 7,500 damage in arenas / +5 stars opens 50 Supply depots in Battle Royale / +2 stars Earn 3 arenas / +2 stars in a row Neurolink: scan 10 enemies as Crypto in Battle Royale / +2 stars: survive 300 opponents in Battle Rolaye / +2 stars. If you want to stay up to date with the most important news about Apex Legends, please feel free to visit our website frequently. You can find the Xbox community on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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