Apex Legends – Pathfinder Emotional Origin + Week 8 Challenges

Apex Legends reveals Pathfinder’s emotional origin story. A new week of competitive play in Apex Legends has already started and this time around, not only is it time to revisit the challenges to keep moving forward in the Battle Pass, but we also have an awesome new video on how to make Pathfinder. “The Truthf” / “The Truthf” is the title of the 6-minute video in which Pathfinder finally unveils the mysteries of its origin. You might also be interested in: Apex Legends – Revenant Figure + New Twitter Comic. The impressive level of detail in the animation, along with a strong emotional charge, undoubtedly makes it one of the legendary Apex Legends videos we will remember the most. This new story is closely related to “Promise”, a video that featured us at the time Dr Mary Somers (Horizon), who was betrayed by her apprentice, Dr Reid, who also reappears in “The Truth”. The person behind this video is from the Apex Legends gaming community, this is work done for Respawn Entertainment that we can consider canon in the story. You can find out more about its content by clicking here. Challenges for temporada 9, Week 8. Deal 1000 pistol damage in Battle Royale / + 10 Stars. Play 12 games as Bangalore, Rampart, or Valkyrie in any / + 10 Star mode. Get 10 Sniper Rifle Kills in Battle Royale / + 10 Stars. Get 15 kills with pistols in Arenas / +10 stars. Get 15 kills as Octane, Wattson, or Pathfinder in Battle Royale / +5 stars. Deals 5,000 damage in Battle Royale / +5 stars. Get 50 kills in Battle Royale Arenas / +5 stars – Craft 10 times in a duplicator in Battle Royale / +2 stars. Buy 30 heals in the arenas / +2 stars. Activate your Gas Traps 30 times as Caustic in Battle Royale / +2 Star. Collect 50 epic items in Battle Royale / +2 stars. If you want to stay up to date on the most important news about Apex Legends, please feel free to visit our website frequently. You can find the Xbox community on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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