Apex Legends temporada 9 7th Comic Book Released

Apex Legends has already had the mid-temporada reset for ranked. Apex Legends temporada 9 has now reached its halfway point, which among other things means a soft reset of the ranking system. What is not rebooted is the story of The Legacy Antigen and is that this temporada’s comic book series brings us its seventh part this week. Apart from this main series, it’s also worth mentioning that every Friday the Apex Twitter account posts another comic series focused on the legends’ most personal stories. You might also be interested in: Apex Legends 9 – Week 7 Challenges + New Skin for Prime Gaming. In other news related to the video game lore, a new audio has been posted on the official Apex Legends Twitter that explores the relationship between Valkyrie and her father. Below you can find the tweet in question: The Legacy Antigen. This time around, the comics set aside what may have happened to Valkyrie and Loba to focus on Caustic’s past, a mystery that has been one of the central themes of this temporada’s story. A mysterious fleet of abandoned ships … a city besieged by nature itself … your loved ones only have a few hours to live … Click here to read part 6. If you want to know about the most important news on Apex Legends do not hesitate to visit our website frequently. You can find the Xbox community on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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