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Argentina cuts activities by three weeks due to COVID outbreak

  • by Alba luz Leal
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BUENOS AIRES (AP) – Argentine President Alberto Fernández on Friday announced new restrictions for three weeks to contain a resurgence of the new coronavirus and established that face-to-face classes in schools in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas must remain suspended. Fernández said in a message recorded and broadcast by the presidency that “for the whole country until May 21, the same measures currently in force continue”, ordered two weeks ago and expired on Saturday. For areas of “epidemiological and sanitary alarm” like Buenos Aires and the 40 surrounding cities, he added, the courses will continue to be “exclusively remote” while companies must take care of their customers at outside and close their doors to local 19. (22:00 GMT) and traffic will be prohibited at night. Gastronomic establishments will be able to continue working after 22:00 GMT with home delivery and during the day they will only be able to serve diners in open-air spaces. The announcement came amid the tender between the national government and the capital government for face-to-face classes. The mayor of Buenos Aires, opponent Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, did not respect the presidential decree issued two weeks ago to suspend the courts by decision of a local court and questioned the measure before the Supreme Court of justice, which has yet to be pronounced. Fernández said that although “the exponential growth of cases has been contained” in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires, “the situation is not resolved”. He noted that in this area “it was a necessary measure to reduce traffic” and noted that “in more than 20 Argentine provinces there were face-to-face courses”. “The next few weeks can be very hard in the occupation of intensive care beds, we must continue with measures”, said Fernández. The president also indicated that in places where there is a high proportion of infections – although less than that of the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires – it was resolved to “suspend social gatherings in public outdoor spaces. more than 10 people., casinos and nightclubs. “and that bars and restaurants operate until 11 p.m. These activities were already prohibited in the capital and its surroundings. The second wave of coronavirus in Argentina has put the most pressure on public and private hospitals in Buenos Aires and its urban belt as the vaccination process unfolds slowly. In the capital, 86% of therapy beds in public hospitals are occupied. Nationally, the average is 68.4% in public and private systems So far 7.8 million people have received one dose of the vaccine – out of a population of about 45 million – and less than one million have completed both doses. From the rear When the pandemic hit Argentina in March 2020, there were an estimated 2.9 million people infected and more than 63,500 deaths.