Astonishing! It was NASA’s Juno bug that helped the exploration of Jupiter

UNITED STATES – Incredibly, NASA’s Juno spacecraft had an error in its schedule for Jupiter, which allowed it to better explore the planet. In his diary for this star, which began on July 4, 2016, he survived major radiological attacks. But shortly after completing its mission, the space agency extended its stay in the universe by four years. In this sense, Juno passed by Ganymede, the largest moon on Jupiter and the principal investigator of the mission and member of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Scott J. Bolto, assured that “Basically we designed and built an armored tank. And it worked “. For his part, David J. Stevenson, professor of planetary science at the California Institute of Technology and also a researcher on mission, said, “I think this has been an eye opener. The above has been exposed since NASA’s Juno passes over the north and south poles of Jupiter and, in each orbit, is launched in free fall reaching a speed of 209,000 kilometers per hour passing a few thousand kilometers from the planet clouds. But a problem in the propulsion system made the ship wait a bit, which ended up being good news for the experts. Source: NASA JPL on Twitter. Additionally, Candice J. Hansen-Koharcheck, a scientist at the Institute of Planetary Sciences in Tucson, Arizona and responsible for running JunoCam, said, “It’s like there are five bullies on the playing field, no ? And they’ll say, ‘No, you can’t join our party.’ For this reason, NASA was able to collect more data on the planet to better understand how it works. “Jupiter has incredibly violent storms that can spit out water ice particles from below at 160, 320 kilometers per hour and reach these very high altitudes,” revealed Heidi N. Becker, a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the NASA in California. . And he concludes: “It is very unlikely that the soil of the furrows is in communication with this mantle of water. However, if we found him, he would also jump and scream. ”

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