Astonishing! League of Legends announces new character

UNITED STATES – Without a doubt, Riot Games continues to surprise us with news that fans undeniably love. League Of Legends, its flagship video game, will once again have a new champion: Akshan, who will arrive via the “Sentinels of Light” event in patch 11.14 and who promises to bring some extremely interesting things to Summoners. In this sense, Riot did not spare anything and it is the afternoon of June 21 that he threw “a dart” on the formidable event which is announced. Everything will revolve around Viego because, the developer herself has signaled that the plot will have its climax with new champions. Akshan would work in the center lane and have a hook, so this would be the first “built” as a handle for MID. This will bring Champion 156 to Riot and League Of Legends in patch 11.14 on July 8, 2021 with the “Sentinels of Light” event. On your turn, you can also have skins for champions like Gwen, Vayne, Lucian, Graves. Of course, what generates the most hype is knowing the new character’s abilities that are expected to arrive in the coming days. Source: Riot Games. For now, we just have to wait for Riot to launch the official image to be able to have the skills. It’s also possible that a series of Sentinels referencing the Ruined King will arrive, as would be the case with Shyvana, who, it has been discovered, will fall to the dark side in the bemusement of the gaming community. For this reason, the emotions are at full capacity and it is not for less. League Of Legends has positioned itself as one of the most popular video games in recent times. Additionally, developer Riot Games intends to expand the LoL universe to other planes, as the “Arcane” animated series is slated for release on Netflix soon. In addition, video game character stories have been added, such as the case of the love story between Leona and Diana.

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