Astonishing! NASA perseverance discovers aquatic debris on Mars

UNITED STATES – Incredibly, NASA’s Perseverance rover has captured evidence of a possible “aquatic past” on Mars. In this way, the discovery had an incredible impact on the scientific community, as it is undeniable that it will change the paradigms that have been used. So in the Intra News we will tell you more about it. In this sense, it should be remembered that NASA sent Perseverance to Mars in February 2021. Its arrival in the sediments of the Jezero crater allowed it to collect extremely interesting data from the Red Planet. Therefore, the existence of an aquatic past could be viable, according to the space agency to the astonishment of the scientific community. Likewise, it was explained that this discovery occurred two kilometers from the aforementioned crater and that it is planned to take samples during this mission. Even experts have revealed that the 115-meter-wide “Delta Scarp” formation is the fan-shaped deposit where a river meets an ancient lake. In addition, it was explained that it could be real evidence. AFP “We have known for some time that billions of years ago, the escarpment of the Jezero delta was home to a torrential river. Now we know that we will be able to see the evidence of this river system up close, having a better idea of ​​its size and the force of the water passing through it ”, detailed the scientist from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Vivian Sun, who has studied Jezero Crater for years. Therefore, he said it would be a truly amazing place to look for signs and evidence of ancient life. For its part, NASA’s Perseverance continues its mission to Mars to collect data and samples to learn more about the composition of this planet. Meanwhile, the image of the sediments was made through the union of five of them that were taken by the rover’s Remote Microscopic Imager (RMI) camera on March 17, 2021.

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