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Astonishing! NASA’s Curiosity rover captures the clouds that glow at night on Mars

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES – In a truly incredible way, NASA released a series of images where you can see clouds that “glow at night” on Mars. This is thanks to the Curiosity rover located in the Gale crater of the red planet. For this reason, the space agency presented 21 photographs adapted to the human eye to be able to see these formations since March. In this sense, it has been detailed that this phenomenon is “unusual” and has caught the eye of all. In addition, it has been reported that experts and pundits have already realized this for two years and considered its rarity in the Martian sky. Further, this was specified as “storms filled with ice crystals which diffused the light of the setting sun, some of them glowing with color”. The above could start to be observed from the end of January 2021 and they pointed out that, unlike the common cloudy, the altitude is much higher, because the typical thing is that it is cast 60 kilometers high. For now, work is underway so that scientists can know the exact distance, as this would help to know the composition of the clouds on Mars. In addition, the space agency pointed out that the clouds could be made up of icy water and, those that could be observed recently, could contain frozen carbon dioxide. In turn, these formations were defined as noctilucentes (luminous at night, from Latin). Its ice crystals catch the sun’s waning light, making them much brighter when the sky darkens. On the other hand, it has also been reported that when the Sun is below altitude, the clouds start to eclipse. For this reason, the discovery of NASA’s Curiosity is incredible because capturing these kind of clouds is a feat for the space agency. Finally, the photos could be taken thanks to its black and white cameras and its color device called MastCam to appreciate these visual jewels.