Astonishing! The Earth already has, officially, a new ocean

UNITED STATES.- There has long been an eternal debate over the recognition of the “Southern” as an ocean. But the National Geographic Society made a decision to update the mapping to add it as a new ocean to join the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic. So, something new in this area had not happened, since the four oceans we knew were the only “truth” on Earth. The reality is that this debate had tilted in favor of the Austral being part of this set of oceans that the Earth possesses. Even subject matter experts assure that the ocean region (the body of water that surrounds Antarctica) had the necessary characteristics to be able to recognize itself and be named, as it has been given to amazement around the world. “Anyone who has been to this site will be hard-pressed to explain what is so fascinating, but everyone will agree that the glaciers are bluer, the air colder, the mountains more intimidating and the mountains more intimidating. landscapes more captivating than anywhere else. another place you can go, ”said Sykora-Bodie, marine scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Source: Pixabay. It’s important to remember that in 1937 the Southern Ocean got this designation that 16 years later it would lose. In 1999, the Geographical Names Council of the United States adopted the term Southern Ocean and it was used by the scientific community until it was officially named on June 8, 2021 as part of World Day. oceans. With this, the Austral becomes the fifth ocean of our Planet. The landmass is smaller than in the Arctic, and its current flows freely from west to east on the outskirts of Antarctica. And at 60 degrees south latitude, the water is cooler and less salty than in the surrounding oceans. For now, the impact of this will affect children and students to add a change to what is known so far.

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