Astonishing! They claim dinosaurs were already in decline before the meteorite

UNITED STATES.- A new investigation has revealed that, despite the fact that 66 million years ago the dinosaurs were extinguished by the famous meteorite, they were already in a phase of decline 10 million before the disaster. In this way, the statements get stronger and the data has also been consolidated. This study has of course aroused great astonishment within the scientific community. Thus, it was clarified that dinosaurs dominated ecosystems until the Upper Cretaceous. So, the new study published in Nature Communications reveals that there has been a substantial increase in the rate of extinction combined with the inability to replace species that have been lost. For this reason, it is pointed out that this decline would have started to occur long before the fall of the meteorite that would devastate these beings. “Our results support the hypothesis that long-term environmental changes led to the restructuring of terrestrial ecosystems that made dinosaurs particularly prone to extinction,” explain the paleontologists and paleontologists who approached the study. In the meantime, it should be noted that this research was directed by the member of the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier, at the University of Montpellier, Fabien Condamine. Source: Pixabay. In the same context, the assertion of the decline of dinosaurs coincides with another that had been mentioned previously. Non-avian species were in extremely complicated processes, which would have pushed them into a gradual but significant decline before the meteorite. Therefore, pundits and pundits claim that the fall of this rock on the planet was a kind of coup de grace. Despite large amounts of data and extensive research, the claim remains difficult to prove. The dating of fossils, selection effects and some shortcomings of evolutionary models create great uncertainty. Undeniably, it becomes somewhat difficult to take in: the dinosaurs were on the verge of extinction before the meteorite and, really, the asteroid was the end point.

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