Astonishing! This is the news of Pokémon GO with reference to the Coronavirus

UNITED STATES.- Niantic has launched a series of news items regarding its flagship video game: Pokémon GO. This is based on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, so through their official blog they have confirmed some details that will bring substantial improvements to the title. Bonuses, freebies and other stuff that will no doubt keep you glued to your cell phone. “As we said last month, the way we play has changed a lot over the past 15 months. With the onset of the global pandemic, we realized that we had to change the pattern of all of our games. We couldn’t. no longer take it for granted to go out and meet people. “Pokémon GO revealed through its blog. In addition, they revealed that there will be bonuses for playing outside. The first catch of the day bonus, the requirements GO Fighting League and Coach Battle will continue. For its part, only temps such as Pokémon GO Fest 2021 will be phased out. It was also reported on real-world exploration bonuses, which started in late July receiving until ‘to 2 pass and free raid when shooting photodisks in gyms. And greater efficiency of incense when walking. Source: Screenshot of the Pokémon GO application. There will be guaranteed freebies during the walk. of the rotation of PokéStops and a bonus of 10 times more XP when spinning. It resets to the standard incense level when static and increases when walking. The frequency of Pokémon Partner gifts will also be reduced. In turn, the distance for interacting with PokéStops will be reduced to entice people to leave. For its part, it has been announced that remote raids in Pokémon GO will continue to be, but in a more balanced way. The duration of the incense will be maintained at 60 minutes. Walking is not compulsory for GO Fighting League, 20 will be the maximum number of gifts that can be brought. Up to 30 gifts can be opened per day and XP and Stardust three times will follow on the first take of the day.

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