Astonishing! “Zhurong”, the Chinese robot on Mars and its shocking images

UNITED STATES.- Recently, images were released by the Chinese rover “Zhurong” on a mission to Mars. With amazing videos, photos and sounds, the eyes of the scientific community and astronomy enthusiasts have turned to the National Space Administration of China (ANEC). For this reason, progress on the Red Planet continues to be steady. In this sense, it should be noted that in the files is a panoramic color photo of the surface of Mars. There is also another black and white snapshot of the “Zhurong” “footprint” where the “Tianwen-1” lander can be seen in the background. On the other hand, the videos give an account of the maneuvers of the rover on the surface of the red planet. For its part, the sound file makes it possible to hear the descent of the probe’s landing platform to the Martian surface itself, carried out on May 22. Likewise, ANEC revealed that the Chinese rover has been operating on Mars for 42 Martian days and has traveled about 236 meters to collect data that allows us to learn more about its characteristics. Chinese space agency releases images of its rover to Mars— Reuters (@Reuters) June 27, 2021 Meanwhile, the “Zhurong” was sent into space in July 2020 and the spacecraft was able to land on Mars on May 15, 2021 in the southern part, called “Utopia Planitia”; a plain located in the northern hemisphere. In addition, this mission is the first that was able to combine travel, entry into orbit and descent, making it a real feat that will go down in history. On the other hand, the scientific team in charge of the mission has indicated that it intends to find more evidence on the existence of water or ice on Mars. In turn, there are plans to conduct research on the composition of the Martian surface, much like NASA’s Perseverance rover is doing to learn more about our neighboring planet.

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