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B: The beginning – Conheça os principais personagens

  • by Alba luz Leal
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B: The Beginning is a blockbuster anime on Netflix, so check out the main characters here, as well as some more interesting curiosities about them. B: The Beginning – Conheça os principais personagens Check out the list of B: The Beginning logo characters below: Koku Koku is two main characters in B: The Beginning. He works as a handcrafted violin on Lily’s pai command and has the ability to transform into a heteromorphic being with black handles. He is also a true identity of Killer B, a name derived from his incomum script of escrever or number “13” in his assassination locations. Ever since the Gilbert Ross-orchestrated attack on Cage Blana that killed several of his classmates, including Dr. Heath Flick, Koku has spent the past seven years searching for his love, Yuna has been hoping to find her. Izanami Izanami gosta to falar in a poetic and dramatic way. During a battle, Izanami enjoys having fun attacking with a skateboard. Despite Izanami’s personality and appearance, Izanami gives the impression of being or a serious type. Yuna Ela is Koku’s childhood sweetheart because Koku looked like Killer B. Sweet and friendly, Yuna took great care of Koku when they were younger. Realizing that he would be provoked if he was seen together, she chose to speak elsewhere. She appreciates your protection and also gives her a dela. Keith Kazama Flick Keith Kazama Flick is two main characters in B: The Beginning. Several years ago her irmã, Erika Flick, was murdered by someone, or who or who developed depression and ultimately was stationed by the police. Nowadays, he is called by his longtime friend Eric Toga to help or RIS forced a criminal investigation to trace or assassinated in so-called “Killer B” series. Minatsuki Minatsuki were two main antagonists in B: The Beginning. They were two main agents of the Market Maker, an obscure government organization that controls the social order of Cremona das Trevas. Lily Hoshina Lily Hoshina is one of the main characters in B: The Beginning. She is a family of luthiers and a detective who works for the Royal Investigation Services. Lay Sendo or the only Reggie compatible with the Black King, he was isolated from all the high school kids. Gilbert Ross didn’t manipulate, baffle, or think he was just a harvester for Koku. During the out-of-school attack, he found a Reggie and nomeou-o Minatsuki ghost to tune in in his stead (embora notes that he really beats the pauzinhos). Gilbert Ross Gilbert Ross was a forensic lawyer, head of the Royal Investigative Service. He was the main antagonist of B: The Beginning. Gilbert Ross was a very complicated character. No start, Gilbert seems to be a legal face who eats his faith in Keith and wants him to overcome the death of his irmã, Erika. He also has a smoking problem that he needs to hide. As it is, you’ve seen the main characters in B: The Beginning, or the anime can be bestowed on Netflix. Also check: