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Bandai Brings Invasion of “Zombie World” to Mexico | #Figures #Collectibles #WorldOfZombiesBandai #Zombie Adventure – Anime, Manga and Video Game News

  • by Alba luz Leal

How about the whole MultiAnime group! On this occasion, the friends of Bandai tell us all the details of the arrival in Mexico of the line of World of Zombies figurines. Mexico City, April 30, 2021. The world has experienced a terrible zombie invasion! World of Zombies are wacky and silly collectible characters who like to get involved in chaotic but great fun situations. Each zombie has their own nationality, as they are all over the world, besides being unique for having different hobbies, professions and personalities. I want to become a zombie! Each character is inside a sarcophagus with a collectible card with all their information to get to know them better, such as nationality, profession and tastes. To make this scary undead world even more fun, they are all jointed and you can swap their arms and heads with each other and create new characters. World of Zombies comes in four different presentations: World of Zombies Individual World of Zombies Mini Playset Playset World of Zombies Playset Olympic Stadium. These terrifying figures are already on sale in Sanborns and the Palacio de Hierro. You can learn more about his hilarious and gruesome adventures through his mini-episodes which aired on his World of Zombies YouTube channel. Become a zombie! Share all the new characters you can create by redeeming their coins with the hashtag #WorldOfZombiesBandai and #AventuraZombie. Start the invasion of World of Zombies and collect them all! Find out more about Bandai and its toys on their social networks: Facebook: Bandai México Instagram: @bandaikidsmex Twitter: @bandaimexico For more information on anime, manga, video games and geek, be sure to visit : Source: Press release