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Beastars – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal

Beastars is a blockbuster anime in the world inside, so check out the main characters from the artwork here, as well as a few more interesting curiosities about them. Beastars – Discover the main characters of the work. Check out the list of the two main characters of Beastars below: Legoshi Legoshi, also known as Legosi, a male wolf as the main character of Beastars. Embora is feared and rejected by others because he is a large carnivore, he is really polite, docile and disoriented. Legoshi will take on the responsibility of solving the mystery of Tem’s assassination and later he will first discover two preconceptions of the world he lives in. Haru Ela was a former leader of the Cherryton Garden Club and is currently studying botany at a university. Haru is the only member of the Cherryton Garden Club and is generally excluded from school due to his promiscuity. As a young man, Haru is often treated as a fragile individual in a society and wants to be validated as a person. Louis Louis was either the main artist of the Cherryton Academy drama club and was a candidate for the title of Beastar. He also served as the leader of Shishigumi for a short time. Louis seems arrogant and hypocritical, but behind him lies his insecurity of being physically fragile. Riz Ele was an alumnus of Cherryton Academy and a member of the Drama Club. Rice appears to be a wealthy person, much loved and respected by his colleagues. However, he hides a dark security. Melon Ele is first introduced as a fake elephant healer, killing you and using his prey as a marfim to earn fast food. Or Melon’s modus operandi is a sociopathic, cruel, deranged, and cunning individual who hides his murderous idiosyncrasies in a veneer of level innocence and seemingly childish curiosity. Juno Uma was a fierce wolf, she will become the next Beastar, competing against Louis. Juno is quite sociable and shows that he treats everyone with kindness. She is described as having a natural charisma. However, she was also a very ambitious person with a bit of a manipulative look, and she showed a completely different side to her happy side compared to Louis, who was intimidating. Pina Ele appeared as a freshman and new year student in the Cherryton Academy Drama Club. Pina and smart, arrogant and relaxed. Embora goste to provoke carnivores with your words, but not one more person. Her eccentric personality and naturally charming demeanor are worth admiration for the love of many women at Cherryton High School. As it is, you have seen the main characters of Beastars, or the anime can be bestowed on Netflix. Also check: