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Berserk could continue despite the death of its author

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The possibility of one of Kentarou Miura’s assistants picking up where the story creator left off grows stronger. This past week has left us with one of the most dismaying news for the entertainment world in many years: Kentarou Miura, author of “Berserk”, has passed away at the age of 54. So, one of the most influential dark fantasy works in history was orphaned with a story to wrap up, which logically saddened many fans. However, now the door opens to the possibility that “Berserk” may continue to develop even without Miura-sensei. One of Miura-sensei’s assistants could rule Berserk’s future. Then we will leave you the tweet from MangaMogura which, in turn, picked up the tweet from one of Kentarou Miura’s assistants which sparked all the speculation from the side of the “Berserk” Followers: Although for the moment it is not It’s not something that has been officially confirmed, many believe the tweet from one of the “Berserk” attendees commenting that “Well I’ll do my best” It’s a clear indication that Miura- The Team of sensei will go ahead with the manga. The truth is that since the author’s death was announced, there is a question that keeps asking all the time: would he leave the conclusion somewhere? The written work? Given Miura-sensei’s state, we will recall that in a 2019 interview, he had already anticipated the fear of not being able to conclude “Berserk” at the time of his life. was able to get Kentarou Miura to complete all the narrative details for Guts and company at some point, thus allowing it is up to a “future generation” to close the story even if it was no longer present. Logically, one of the essential parts of “Berserk” was the art of Miura-sensei, who came to overwhelm the author of “Hajime no Ippo” when they were only young promises, he said. he stated in a letter of homage to Kentarou Miura. In this sense, there are many fans who, if the story is followed by the hand of the participants, have already expressed the wish that they do not work too hard, because to reproduce the quality of Miura-sensei is something something which, certainly, is within the reach of very few. We’ll see how the current situation ends, because obviously “Berserk” continuing to post content would be something that would greatly rejoice the hearts of millions around the world after the sad news of Kentarou Miura’s death. In any case, for the moment, we have no other alternative but to continue to be patient.