Is Nenobia (Bktidal) dead or alive? What happened today Bktidalwave?

The main source for Queen of Brooklyn Nenobia “bktidalwave” Washington videos, news and updates. They killed biggie follow @brooklynbktidalwave

if bktidalwave passed away td is cancelled so confirm that shit before i get mad.

«Oh! Moment to live,» is a line from Doja Cat’s «cybersex», which appeared in the mouth of every Twitter gay this week. Why is this track suddenly everywhere? All this is due to an experienced meme queen, the only @TheQueenNenobiaBKTidalWave-aka Nenobia, aka EstellaRobinson, aka Brooklyn Queen.

For some time, Nenobia has been the most popular Brooklyn meme queen on the Internet, even though her Instagram account has undergone several changes. In her resume, she said that she was “marked at 54k, 26k, and 7700k.” At least one of her old accounts still exists on the platform and has more than 50,000 followers, but the account she currently operates is @TheQueenNenobiaBKTidalWave.

This pedigree is important because Nenobia started in 2015 from the rant on the YouTube channel of HotNewHipHop posted to the news media, in which she expressed her love for JAY-Z and Hillary Clinton, and her hatred for ISIS . Soon after, she developed her own following due to the memes shared in street interviews.

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