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Bomb! The PlayStation 5 reportedly has over 25 new video games

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES.- One of the most popular companies in the gaming world is without a doubt PlayStation 5. The console is a huge success and everything seems to indicate that Sony is working with several studios to create new franchises. For this reason, we are facing the arrival of 25 new video games to increase your profits, which, undoubtedly, are not minor. Recall that the PlayStation 5 launched a significant generation of games with Demon’s Soul and Returnal. But Wired recently posted a chat with PlayStation Studios boss Herman Hulst. In this conference, topics such as the future of the console were discussed just six months after it hit the market. It was then that he threw the bomb that filled the hearts of players with joy. Hulst said that Sony’s global studios that are part of PlayStation Studios (responsible for creating the games) are working on 15 new PS5 video games. But what has caught everyone’s attention the most and everything is based on this question, is that everything indicates that almost half of the number of titles is based on the principle of being the start of new franchises. Whether it’s satisfying tactile feedback or a burst of energy, the developers reveal how upcoming games use the DualSense controller: – PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 13, 2021 Without a doubt, one of the great things about PlayStation is that it listens to the demands of its users. For this reason, players benefit from extremely varied titles and franchises and this would be the aim of the company: to prepare new titles of different genres. It would work, both to keep your players happy and to attract new audiences. “There is an incredible amount of varieties from different regions. (Games) Big, small, different genres, ”Herman Hulst said. Meanwhile, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting the arrival of: “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” (June 11); “Horizon Forbidden West” (2021); “Gran Turismo 7” (2022) and “God of War” (which would be a new version). The PlayStation gamer celebration returns for Days of Play! Join the team to help accumulate games played and trophies won for the chance to claim PSN avatars and exclusive PS4 themes. Register now: pic.twitter. com / EQpcCPb9hY – PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 11, 2021