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Bomb! Xbox would be close to one of the greatest video games

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES.- One of the strongest rumors about video games is the one that connects Steam to the Xbox Series X / S. And everything seems to indicate that they are gaining strength and that we could be facing one. of the most important collaborations of recent times. That way in Intra News we will tell you everything that is known so far about this news that has driven gamers crazy. It was all based on the filtering that had happened a long time ago where this “crossover” was happening through the Windows browser. But now Gabe Logan Newell, co-founder and CEO of video game developer and digital distribution company Valve Software, who has captured everyone’s eyes and ears with bombastic comments. The GM was asked about Steam games and, specifically, whether they will reach the Xbox Series and other consoles by this 2021. Newell was with some uncertainty and replied: “They will experience more details later this year. ” Therefore, speculation about what might happen. A lot of people thought that Microsoft would acquire a new studio, but maybe it is looking to consolidate the PC market. Spotlight on #SteamGameFestival: Genesis Noir is less about mastering challenges than players creating their own course. Here, the designers tell us about their choice to frame this journey in a seemingly endless interactive space for players to enjoy at their own pace.— Steam (@Steam) February 8, 2021 It’s also important to note that various sites such as Twitter have started to echo some details of the deal. Therefore, user @astaranx assures that in an internal document provided by Resetera, Microsoft and Valve, he would engage in internal conversations. In addition, the executive vice president of games at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, would meet with Gabe Logan Newell. Meanwhile, it was also pointed out that the document refers to the fact that one of the conflicts that Steam and Microsoft may have is the Xbox Game Pass on PC. So far this has only remained a rumor that is gaining momentum and has been a bomb for the players, because without a doubt that this link between the two companies would be a folly that many and many were eagerly awaiting. .