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Businessman Teófilo Zaga Tawil arrested for Infonavit fraud

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) said it was detaining businessman Teófilo Zaga Tawil, accused of plundering funds from the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute (Infonavit) for more than five billion pesos. The FGR detailed that Mr. Zaga Tawil was captured this morning in Xochitepec, Morelos, is singled out for allegedly illegal compensation of more than 5 billion pesos from Infonavit to his company Telra Realty, for the early termination of the contract of the Mortgage Mobility program. Agents of the Federal Ministerial Police of the FGR arrested the businessman on the basis of an arrest warrant issued on December 25 by Daniel Ramírez Peña, control judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center of Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico, by organized crime and money laundering offenses. The court order was executed in a building on the corner of Calle Circuito Santa Fe and Privada San Agustín, Fraccionamiento Santa Fe, in Xochitepec, which the feds entered with a search warrant also issued by a judge. Almoloya control. Zaga Tawil was transferred in the early hours of this Friday to the federal prison of the Altiplano, where he will be made available to the judge of the case before whom he will appear in the coming hours at a first hearing during which charge will be made. against him, for part of the federal prosecutors. “That day, the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), dependent on the FGR, succeeded in arresting Teófilo ‘Z’, in Xochitepec, Morelos, by completing a search warrant issued by a federal controlling judge. The detainee will be immediately placed in isolation, at the disposal of the federal judiciary, ”confirmed the prosecution. If there is any connection with the process, Teófilo Zaga Tawil will remain in the Altiplano, a high security prison with very dangerous criminals, while his case is being processed. For the same case, in December, the arrest warrant for organized crime and money laundering was also issued against the brother of the now detainee, Rafael Zaga Tawil, and his son, Elías Zaga Hanono, as well as Omar Cedillo Villavicencio and Alejandro Gabriel Cerda Erdmann. , former general and legal secretary and former general legal coordinator of Infonavit. On January 6, Cedillo and Cerda, former collaborators of former Infonavit chief David Penchyna, were apprehended in the nation’s capital and then linked to the process. They have since been imprisoned in the Altiplano. The arrest warrant is linked to the agreement signed on June 9, 2014 between Infonavit and Telra Realty, owned by Zaga Tawil, to develop the Mortgage Mobility program, which included projects to improve homes and sell them through trusts. . On May 31, 2017, the Board of Directors of Infonavit, already with Penchyna at the head of the Institute, terminated the contracts and agreements with Telra, considering that their execution in the form and conditions agreed was not legally and financially viable. The early termination of the contract resulted in a settlement agreement signed on August 22 of the same year by Cedillo and Cerda, which forced Infonavit to pay 5 thousand 88 million pesos to Telra, in compensation for the damages. In its complaint, the FGR maintains that the origin of the money paid to Telra is illegal because the said company, hired without a call for tenders, did not have the capital, the professional experience or the infrastructure; and “surprisingly,” Infonavit officials simulated a mediation process. He points out that in the said process, some experts recommended that the Institute take the matter to court to resolve this controversy, but this position was not taken into account and it was decided to pay the alleged damages. The arrest warrant was issued last December, after for most of 2020 the FGR tried unsuccessfully to prosecute brothers Rafael and Teófilo Zaga Tawil for tax evasion, crimes for which a judge rejected the warrants. stop or refused to link them to criminals. procedure. The prosecution tried to accuse them together of an alleged fraud of more than 808 million pesos, making this tax case the second largest of the last 25, only below a charge that in the 90s was filed against the former banker Carlos Cabal Peniche. Rafael Zaga Tawil and his son are still at large and, despite this condition, the FGR requested, without success, that the first of them appear before a judge of the North prison for this case of tax fraud, which in its case equals 710 million 499 thousand 999 pesos. You may also like: