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Celebrate “Burger Day” with a bespoke beer pairing | # Interest – News on anime, manga and video games

  • by Alba luz Leal

How about the whole MultiAnime group! It is almost March 28, a very important day for the group who sometimes like to enjoy a Hamburger, since this day is celebrated on International Hamburger Day. And to celebrate this day, Cerveceros de México and Armando Ochoa make us some twinning proposals to delight your palate. Celebrate Burger Day with a bespoke Beer Pairing Celebrate International Burger Day on May 28, a classic dish that offers variety for all tastes. To celebrate this day, Cerveceros de México, in collaboration with Armando Ochoa, Master of Science in Beer and Distillation, shares a few pairing proposals that promise to take the experience of tasting your favorite burger to another level. Beef Burger with India Pale Ale Beers IPA style carbonation and bitterness removes the fatty feel of the meat leaving a pleasant malt aftertaste. When bacon is added to the burger, the bitterness and alcohol of the style incorporates the smoky notes. It is suggested to add guacamole which complements the herbaceous notes of the beer even better. It is recommended to accompany with a beer: IPA from Cervecería Allende, IPA from Cervecería Ceiba, IPA from Cerveza Minerva, Ippólita de Fortuna, Wannabe from Beer Factory, IPA from Malquerida, Peyote from Baja Brewing Company, 750 from Propaganda Brewing and Perro del Mar by Wendlandt. Pulled pork burger and barbecue with Sweet Stout-style beers Due to the cooking process, pulled pork develops sweet, smoky and caramelized notes. This is how the Sweet Stout style is the ideal complement to this burger, because it has equivalent notes thanks to its base, its caramel and its roasted malts. In the same way, this association establishes a bridge of flavors between the malted grains, cooked and toasted with the bread. To accompany this type of burgers, there are beers such as: Tempus Cream Stout from Primus, Milk Stout from Cervecería Reina and Milk Stout from Malquerida. Witbier Beer Fish Burger The malted wheat that characterizes the brasserie style is instantly recognizable with the wheat in the hamburger bun. On the palate, a medium body and subtle flavors are identified. It is suggested to add lettuce and tomato to better perceive the herbaceous notes generated by the hops. In the aftertaste, citrus notes stand out from the beer. Some of the beers of this style are: Bohemia Weizen from HEINEKEN México, Modelo Trigo from Grupo Modelo, Diosa Blanca from Cerveza Minerva, Marabasco from Cervecería de Colima, Weissbier from Cervecería Reina or Witbier from Cervecería Calavera. Chicken Burger with Pilsner Beers From the first bite, the chicken and bread in this burger blend perfectly with the base malts used to create this style of brewing. It is possible to appreciate pleasant notes of butter and a bitterness generated by the hops which allows to perceive the added vegetables in the background, which are usually tomato and lettuce. Some Pilsner beers on the market: Heineken and XX Lager from HEINEKEN México, Dorada Premium from Ceiba, Cañita de Fortuna, Colimita from Cervecería de Colima, Cerveza Charro de Charro, Marea Alta from Cervecería Heroica, American Lager from Casa Cervecera Cru Cru also as Modelo Especial and Pacífico by Grupo Modelo. Portobello Veggie Burger with Porter-Style Beers Porter-style beer offers a limited roast flavor structure, tending primarily to chocolate, caramel and cookie. The combination of the hamburger and the beer offers almond flavors with a slight woody note given by the portobello. An accord with a lot of personality which recalls the taste of liquorice due to the action of the hops. Among the options that can be found in this style are: Ticús de Cervecería de Colima, Porter de Braiche, Baltic Porter from Cervecería Allende and Porter from Casa Cervecera Cru Cru. Find out more about Cerveceros de México and its initiatives on: TW: @Cervecerosdemex FB: Cerveceros de México Instagram: Cerveceros de México .mx Source: Press release