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Chainsaw Man breeder shares disturbing Captain America art

  • by Alba luz Leal
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No one expects a cross between Captain America and Chainsaw Man, but the author of Chainsaw Man decides to embark on this extremely disturbing art of Marvel heroes. A story was published from 2018-2020 and received great critical acclaim, and a Chainsaw Man anime and manga streak are in the future. Além disso, thanks to author Tatsuki Fujimoto, you think how it would be or Marvel’s Captain America as a guest star on the series. The Chainsaw Man breeder shares disturbing art from Captain America No Fujimoto’s official Twitter, where the writer shares a photo of Captain America rediscovered as Chainsaw Man’s demon. As physical appearances, two demons usually loosely incorporate an element in any medium. For example, a demonic weapon was raised from a shootout with mass instillation or widespread use of firearms. The result was a creature with the head of a canoe and machine guns, not the place of arms. It gives the same shape, or Cap-devil object or Captain America’s iconic shield as its head, that a flag attached to a weapon suspended over its ribs to secure. Confira below: Faith uma reimaginação do personagem bem legal, não é mesmo? Um Capitão América demônio is not something we see every day. Also check: If you don’t know the job, Chainsaw Man is a story written by Tatsuki Fujimoto that accompanies the costume of Denji, a young garoto who works as a demon hunter to pay pious people who died in death like Yakuza. However, due to a tragic event, Denji ends up melting down as his demon pup Pochita, also becoming a meio-human and a meio-demon capable of manifesting motossal hairs on his body. Not Brazil, or the manga Chainsaw Man is published by Panini.