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Choujin X, the new manga from the author of Tokyo Ghoul, is now available; will have an irregular post

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Sui Ishida returns to action by surprise to leave us with the premiere of his new work Sui Ishida has become years ago one of the benchmarks in the manga industry thanks to “Tokyo Ghoul”, a work whose l The dark history and excellent art captured millions until the conclusion of it – despite the fact that the anime adaptation ended up falling far below in terms of quality. Today, we see how “Choujin X”, Ishida-sensei’s new play, comes out by surprise through its first episode. Choujin X publishes its first chapter through Manga Plus Then we leave you the tweet from the official Shonen Jump account by which they revealed that indeed, “Choujin X” is already a reality: as can be seen, in the post of the Shonen Jump is stated that “Sometimes to fight a monster you have to become one!”, while the synopsis of “Choujin X” itself briefly reads “The last of Sui Ishida! Choujin superpowered combat action!”; At the moment, therefore, it seems that we only have a few rather vague brushstrokes on what will be the short story from the author of “Tokyo Ghoul”. On the other hand, since it is officially announced by Shonen Jump, and referenced in Manga Plus, this implies that “Choujin X” will allow its free reading in each new publication. So much so that in fact the first chapter can already be read from this link. Unfortunately, at the moment “Choujin X” is only accessible through the English version of Manga Plus, so those who need the Spanish version will have to wait for a date to be announced. The truth is that at this point the support that will be given to “Choujin X” is quite confusing, because on the Manga Plus site it is mentioned that “the next chapter will be announced as soon as a release date is decided”. This unusual doubt in the service is due to the fact that Sui Ishida’s new manga will have an “ irregular ” publication, and it will only have new content when the author of “Tokyo Ghoul” has time for it ( via Manga Mogura). So it seems that there is no question that “Choujin X” does not have a weekly publication, but it can be assumed that the monthly model is not guaranteed either. It will then be seen if it is revealed what takes the author so long that his new manga is something that will only see the light of day very occasionally, or maybe he just went with an unhurried schedule for himself.