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Clannad – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Clannad is a hugely successful anime in the inner world, so here are the main characters in the work, along with some interesting curiosities about them. Clannad – Check out the main characters of the Confira artwork below The main characters of Clannad: Tomoya Okazaki Tomoya Okazaki is the main character of Clannad I did not start the story, he is a 17 year old student who attends the private high school Hikarizaka, but he was widely known as a criminal. My friend is Youhei, and the face is made up of several other people throughout history. Tomoya had a strained relationship with her country, she won the trust of the Furukawa family, she moved to a relative. The plot centers on his growing relationship with Nagisa Furukawa, how he will eventually get married. Embora spent much of her childhood’s long life, he came to love her and took care of her deeply. Nagisa Furukawa Um ano more velha than Tomoya, it is a strange garota who knows him on the school hill. Nagisa is a fragile garota ruiva who doesn’t appear much in school. She is a shy girl who lacks self-confidence and who sometimes loses the intimate relationships she has forged due to her weakened health, or who requires repeating the last year of college. The article a large carinho pela Grande Família Dango, also like anpan hair, a pão twelve de feijão. Nagisa has a strange habit of yelling at her favorite food when she’s nervous, so she’s not nervous then, she will reward herself with food later. Knowing that Tomoya hasn’t started the school year, you build a close relationship when he helps found the Drama Clube. Later, they will end up loving each other and getting married, then Nagisa in the light of her only filho, a girl named Ushio. Kyou Fujibayashi Kyou Fujibayashi ea irmã mais velha ea mais conhecida das gemeas Fujibayashi. She has been a close friend of Tomoya’s since her first year as a class representative. She is very protective of her irmã, Ryou, and always takes care of her. Kyou is an aggressive garota which is also known as an excellent cozinheira and possui um javali chamado Botan. Embora’s relationship with Tomoya continues for a long time in the story, at the same time as she is a victim of her life, which invariably results in someone being given a dictionary on her head or wearing a soco for her. Kotomi Ichinose Kotomi Ichinose is not the same as Tomoya. She is an exceptionally talented aluna, a quiet garota who rarely goes to classrooms, preferring to study in the library. The work of his deceased countries, who were renowned scientists, was very important to history. Kotomi enjoys playing the violin, however, this is an area where her talents are limited. It was revealed in Garden of Memories that she and Tomoya were childhood friends, but they lost touch with the death of their country. Tomoyo Sakagami Tomoyo Sakagami is a popular transfer student. She is described as violent and, on several occasions, there are rumors that she is the leader of a gang of delinquents. These rumors first attracted his ambition to become President of Conselho Estudantil, but he eventually achieved that goal with the help of Tomoya and Youhei. It’s a hard moleca that I don’t show Tomoya or that I respect as his most velha. However, it is imported as, according to the alternate tempo of Outro Mundo: Tomoyo Chapter, they are described as a casal. Fuko Ibuki Fuko Ibuki is a barely highlighted first-year moon in her own arc, but now she appears at arbitrary intervals throughout the series to offer “help” for the necessary years. The first episode of The First Step is mentioned as a passage as a form of pre-announcement and not as a first episode. Fuko is an eccentric garota who spends all of his time kissing starfish in Madeira, giving people in attendance to encourage them to appear at their irmã’s wedding. Ushio Okazaki Ushio Okazaki and filha by Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. After his mother’s death during or childbirth, Ushio spends his early years in the care of Akio Furukawa and Sanae Furukawa, having Tomoya sofrido depressed after his death. Ushio faces a journey as a father of five, and Tomoya decides to raise him to meet Shino Okazaki. However, the Ushio logo was attacked by a doença e morre nos braços de Tomoya. However, due to the Third Servant or the Illusory World, Nagisa’s life is made up of Tomoya’s actions when the Orbs of Light allow her to turn to meet Nagisa. As it is, you have also seen the main characters in the story of Clannad Confira: