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Crossover The Fall Guys and SUPER BOMBERMAN R Online

  • by Alba luz Leal

The craziest crossover of recent times is coming with Fall Guys and SUPER BOMBERMAN R Online Mediatonic, as well as Konami Digital Entertainment, have announced that SUPER BOMBERMAN R Online and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will have a crossover. Thanks to this fantastic union, all players will have access to the exclusive “Bean Bomber” character in SUPER BOMBERMAN R Online. This is curious news, given that he’s the first Fall Guys character to appear in an alien game; when it is normally the other way around. Its content is free on all platforms. Also, this character has to face the current challenge, in addition to the new online mode “Battle 64”. On the other hand, the Bomberman series will also enter Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with the premiere of the “Bomberman” costume. This character will be available for action on June 4 at the Blunderdome, via the in-game store for 10 crowns in total. SUPERBOMBERMAN R Online SUPERBOMBERMAN R Online takes inspiration from the popular Super Bomberman title and brings us back to the 8 Bomber Brothers and the craziest battleroyal in its 64 player online mode. Player-acclaimed gameplay returns in a multiplayer classic. Through the battlefields we will find special powers with which to defeat our enemies in normal mode, as well as in Battle 64. In addition, with these fights up to 64 players, players will be divided into 16 initial battlefields. During battles, players will move on to the final stage to achieve victory. This game has more than 100 combinations to customize our game, among which stand out many costumes, costumes, accessories and, for the first time, designs for bombs that change not only the appearance, but also the explosion itself. even. To stand out even more, players can opt for the optional Premium Pack (€ 9.99). Content with 14 additional characters, while paying homage to classic KONAMI IPs like Gradius, Silent Hill, Castlevania and more. Keep in mind that only those with the Premium will be able to create private games in Battle 64 mode.