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Date and time of reading manga 73 for free and in Spanish

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball Super” is now in the first climax since the beginning of the arc centered on the figure of Granolah, the one who put the aforementioned new character face to face against Goku, the great protagonist of the IP. However, chapter 72 of the manga was not enough to see the outcome of this conflict, so all readers’ eyes are now pointing to the promising chapter 73 of the manga. Where and when to read chapter 73 of the manga Dragon Ball Super As always, it is thanks to the Manga Plus service, officially managed by Shueisha herself, that each month we can have the new episodes of the manga “Dragon Ball Super” at zero Cost. Now the new update in the information on the web shows us that the release date of chapter 73 of the manga is as follows: As we can see, the official record of “Dragon Ball Super” in Manga Plus reflects that it will be during June 2021, we will have the 73 manga of the franchise, so the wait is already less than a month. Likewise, it is also indicated that we can find it available from 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon (peninsula time in Spain). It will be recalled that one of the points that aroused the most interest in the previous chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” was, finally, being able to see Granolah’s fighting style after absorbing all the power that the Shenron had to offer. two balls had previously awarded him. Not only has he demonstrated why he claims to be the most powerful warrior in Universe 7 now, but he also left us with techniques that in some cases may sound like more than one who has seen “Naruto”. We will see what else “Dragon Ball Super” offers us in manga 73, although once again we must not rule out that the fight between Goku and Granolah would end without offering a clear winner. After all, Vegeta seems to have already recognized who this new “enemy” is, so the duel might end up being resolved more through dialogue than the use of fists.