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Docks storylines or the new Dragon Ball Super movie can explore

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Depois de um bom tempo sem nenhuma novidade, Toei Animation has booked or Goku Day to finally announce that a new Dragon Ball Super movie is in production, as it is due out next year. Little information was released at Embora at this time, Akira Toriyama, or franchise breeder, shared a post confirming that he is directly involved in the project, including creating the story and two dialogues. As it stands, regardless of the plot or the film that will follow, this involvement of the author is close to the confirmation that the story will be part of the canonical universe of Dragon Ball. Além disso, na su message, Toriyama is still missing that an unexpected person can be introduced and that they work to explore a new visual aesthetic. However, just as these sejam tracks are very generic, we can imagine a few possibilities for the plot of the new Dragon Ball movie. Coming less provável, it is possible that the film has a direct adaptation of the manga. In this case, as the events of the Granola arc are still happening, or the only arc that could be adapted to that of Moro, but taking into account the structure and size of the arc, a large part would be left next to. Já a second option is more plausible and preferred by many fãs, it would be basically something similar to what we saw in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This way, a non-canonical character would receive a new origin and move into part of the main universe of the Dragon Ball franchise. Or the only problem would be to fit this story into the series’ timeline, given the events of the Broly movie and before the Moro arc. Finally, following this same logic, another possibility and terms of an internally original character or a plot that focuses on characters already introduced in Dragon Ball Super, as in the case of Kale and Caulifla, which would be excellent. to explore more or Universe 6. More Pending more news, you can watch all the episodes that have been released of the Dragon Ball Super anime via Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura. Also check out other Dragon Ball news: