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Don Gato of Auronplay, the most famous cat on YouTube, dies

The Auronplay cat has passed away, he has communicated that on his official Twitter account, and users mourn the loss of Don Gato. With this heartbreaking message, AuronPlay today reported the passing of Don Gato. These animals are very delicate at the food level. It is important to always give them food suitable for them, be it canned food or human food, they must be specific for cats. Onion or garlic can be deadly, they are a poison that can even cause death. One of his followers left a message of support for Auronplay “Today the cat from Spain says goodbye, not before giving us so many laughs, thank you Don Gato for having made many of us so happy and especially thanks for having made us so happy to Auron, rest in peace handsome “@aurontokyo

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Don Gato is a hot topic, he does not refer to the famous cartoons, but to one of the “children” of AuronPlay. YouTuber, currently residing in Andorra with his cat Don Gato and his partner Roma. The two AuronPlay cats are well known on the internet. They appear in their live presentations and are considered as one more member of the youtuber community. When Don Gato began to feel ill, he sounded the alarm.

He was quickly transferred to the Andorran Veterinary Hospital for his treatment. Since his little son couldn’t work at the AuronPlay hospital, Twitter turned to Don Gato’s health and made it a trend. Don Gato’s most famous cat on YouTube is a beautiful black specimen with a striking look and youthful appearance. AuronPlay is an animal lover and considers himself a “kid”. Like all of us who have dogs or cats, they are a family and that is why they are treated. The alarm went off a few hours ago.