Dragon Ball Heroes will also have a new story in 2022

The next 2022 is starting to take shape to become a very important year for “Dragon Ball”. It’s not only because we’re going to have a new movie confirmed in the “Dragon Ball Super” universe, but now it’s also been announced that next year “Dragon Ball Heroes” will host a new story for its arcs. ‘missions. “. Dragon Ball Heroes will add another mission in the spring. Then we will leave you the following promotional video (via DBS Chronicles) which confirmed it to us in the last hours: As we can see, it will be in the spring of 2022 that will be “Dragon Ball Heroes” will embark on a new mission , it therefore seems a priori that what is called the ‘Big Bang Mission’ is still a few months ahead of the action. The truth is, this is not surprising, because as we have seen, Vegeta recently added a new transformation which, perhaps, still has a lot to show. Likewise, we will point out that a teaser of Goku Black has been released in what will be level 2 of Super Saiyan Rosé. The teaser shows in particular what appears to be the side of the character in the arcade video game, as it will be added in one of its upcoming updates. In that sense, it is highly likely that he will appear in the “Dragon Ball Heroes” anime as well, possibly at some point in the next three months. In the end, we will remember that the content presented in “Dragon Ball Heroes” does not belong to the canon of the franchise. In this sense, it simply has recreational purposes to exploit in games such as Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Legends, or Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

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