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Dragon Ball Introduces New Legendary Saiyan Transformation To The Franchise

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball” introduced us to the era of the ‘Z’ saga the imposing figure of Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan who upset many of the most memorable feature films in the history of the franchise. Since then, however, we haven’t been able to see more Legendary Forms than their base Super Saiyan … until “Dragon Ball Heroes” introduces us to the new Turles skin. Turles embodies one of the most evil forms of Saiyan in all of Dragon Ball, so it was in one of the more recent chapters of the promotional series, especially in which we also saw Vegeta achieve a rather peculiar new transformation. , that the turtles appeared under the mantle. of a new legendary Saiyan figure. Then you will find the image which thus recovers the villain (via DBS Chronicles): In the official description of this form of turtles we can read the following: “A saiyan who once attacked Earth and fought against Goku and the others. He helped Fuu with his plans because he wanted to become the Saiyan king of the new universe. In search of more power, he continued to consume the fruits of the power tree, which resulted in ended up transforming him into an evil being. Finally, he transformed into the ‘Legendary Evil Saiyan’ “. As we can see, this Turles design is quite different from what it looked like in the movie “Dragon Ball Z” it was created for. Instead of wearing Goku’s signature hairstyle, he now has a Raditz-worthy mane, in addition to his musculature has also been pronounced quite sharply. Considering the evolution of hair length in each Super Saiyan transformation, and the growth that can be seen in the case of turtles, it seems clear that the power level of this “Legendary Saiyan” has increased significantly. . In that sense, while it’s difficult to place him on a power scale alongside the previously mentioned Broly, it seems clear that he certainly doesn’t represent a baseline without more. Either way, it’s important to keep in mind that the transformation is by no means canonical, and also appreciating that it was only shown in “Dragon Ball Heroes,” it’s highly likely that unlike Broly, this strange turtle I never knew how to sweat like a character from the main universe. Therefore, this form aims to stay only in an interesting exploration of anime and video games.