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Dungeon Ni Deai – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal

Dungeon or Deai or Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka is an extremely popular anime, so check out the main characters of the work here, as well as some very interesting curiosities about them. Dungeon Ni Deai – Discover the main characters of the work See the list of Dungeon Ni Deai main characters below: Hestia Héstia is a gentle and energetic deusa. She is also in a relationship with Bell and considers Ais and other garotas as their rivals in love. Despite this, she recognizes the filhos of the lower world. Hestia is also a hard worker, working two jobs just to pay for her living with help from Hestia. However, there was also a bit of a questionable side to her, as Hephaestus was forced to put aside a bit to find work. Loki Loki age by uma maneira muito moleca. La gosta muito de viver according to its name, mischievous, and shows an obscene side to women, or seja, Ais Wallenstein. She also had a complex mother and tends to bribe with Hestia due to her two sign size. Hermès At first glance, Hermès has a relaxed and playful personality. However, his real nature is a cunning person, getting serious when necessary. He is eloquent in fala, he knows how to control himself when it comes to failing for others. Bell Cranel Bell Cranel is the main male character in Dungeon Ni Deai eo capitão da Família Héstia. You have to level up to level 2, the catcher or the name of Little Rookie. Following his até level or level 4, his name was changed to Pé de Coelho. Liliruca Burns Originally a member of the Soma Familia, she became the depois Hestia Familia to guarantee her freedom of apostolate or War Game. Lili originally hated Adventurers because of the treatment she received as a supporter, using isso as an excuse to cheat and roubar Adventurers as she entered the group. She also treated Bell the same, but her actions repeatedly made her question her own attitude. You say that she is saved by Bell, she becomes very close to him and develops romantic feelings for him. Welf Crozzo Welf Crozzo is a member of the Hestia family and ferreiro pessoal from Bell, later becoming a member of the whole Hestia family, he becomes a member of the Hephaestus family. Welf Crozzo is a straightforward and honest person. It’s usually laid back with everyone who associates, asking Bell to cut my hair and give me honorary titles the first time I meet. Yamato Mikoto Yamato Mikoto is a member of the Hestia family and the Takemikazuchi family, who were converted to help the former during the War Game. Mikoto has a serious and honored personality, I don’t want to use Covarian tats even in an emergency, as shown by his disapproval of Passe Parading the monsters that persecute you in the Héstia family. Sanjouno Haruhime Haruhime is a sweet, shy and well behaved garota. She respects everyone she meets and is eager to help when she has the chance. Growing up mostly isolated and hiding behind the Ishtar family, Haruhime has enjoyed a fairly sheltered life. And, as such, the same little coisas vão excitá-la. Ais Wallenstein Ais Wallenstein is a first-rate adventurer and leader of the Loki family. Among a small fração of first-class adventurers, he is considered one of the strongest. Ais is a calm person who finds it difficult to express his feelings through words. For various reasons she is considered mysterious, however, she is really young mentally, being able to visualize a younger version of herself in certain situations, like when she comes from Bell um travesseiro de colo. Wiene Wiene is a mysterious female Wyvern born in our intermediate walks in Calabouço. Later it is revealed that it is a two Xenos. She had the ability to fail herself by being a monster to be a Xenos. She’s sweet, helping a boy, so embora the people we consider evil monsters. Wiene became attached to the Hestia family, mainly Bell and Haruhime. Also check: Dungeon Ni Deai is available to be attended on Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura.