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Edp445 Leaked pic A YouTuber with 2 million subscribers was accused

YouTube user Bryant Moreland, known as EDP445, appears to be trying to get acquainted with a 13-year-old in an online vigilant operation. Another YouTuber known for shooting these “sashimi” posted a video, which seems to indicate that Moreland exchanged inappropriate text with the decoy who pretended to be 13 years old.Now, Moreland has deleted all his videos from the platform.EDP​​445 stands for “eat dat pu —“, is a 30-year-old YouTuber with 2 million subscribers and has been posting since 2010. He became famous online as an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, mainly publishing vlogs, mukbangs, and ranting at the camera. He has appeared in “Tosh.0” in Comedy Central many times.

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On Monday, Chet Goldstein, a YouTube channel run by someone named Alex Rosen, broadcast the chat log. Rosen said it was a conversation between Moreland and the decoy Sophie. The channel is known for similar “behaviors” and they hold online meetings with men who seem to believe they are interacting with underage girls. Rosen is also controversial online, using racist language to post other videos.Rosen said he created multiple fake Instagram profiles, including one of a 13-year-old girl, and sent a message to Moreland in a verified account.Rosen’s friend Alexandra pretended to be other stunts. She flipped through the news she said, which was shared between Moreland and the fake account. During the two-hour live broadcast, Alexandra also stated that due to YouTube’s policy of prohibiting sexually explicit images, Moreland sent explicit videos and photos that could not be displayed.