Aaron Wilson dead at 17

247Sports recruiting analyst Brian Dohn believes class 2022 defensive end Aaron Wilson is dead. He was only 17 when he died.

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News of Wilson’s death was announced after it was announced that Wilson had a high-grade midline glioma and was fighting for his own life. Wilson underwent brain surgery to try to remove some lumps, as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Wilson’s mother, Rasheda Mayse, opened a GoFundMe page in mid-March to raise money for Wilson’s treatment. The goal of this page is to raise $ 250,000.

Despite his poor physical condition, Aaron managed to maintain a sense of humor. He be humble every day, “Mayse wrote on the website. She said:” He has faith in God, and what he wants to say the most is: ‘I am confident! “Anyone who knows Aaron will tell you that he is one of the most likable and humble children they have ever seen. We are optimistic about other treatment options and look forward to exploring other options even outside of the United States.”

In the scene, Wilson was a star at St. Francis College High School in Baltimore, Maryland. 247Sports National Drafting analyst Brian Dohn investigated Wilson and brought him to the field in March 2020. Dohn said that when the time comes, he can consider Wilson as the third day of the NFL draft. Dohn presented the following evaluations to Wilson.

Dorn wrote in his evaluation of Wilson: “The painting is very good and very long.” “He hits 235 and he can easily go up to 255. In sporting terms he plays fast and full of energy. Big Bang. He can use speed, Power or technique they defeat offensive wingers. Body control is good when tackling in space. Awareness in place is an advantage. When the ball runs towards it, it can pile up and fall. Its speed is very fast and The chase engine is played behind. Effect.

“His track and field sports should be included in some package. You should continue to increase upper body strength. It is very important to hone your technique and develop counterattacks on the job. You need to be more consistent with the integrity of the distribution. Top 10 Starters Planned Over the Years. NFL First-Round Draft Potential. “

Wilson has products provided by many of the top five organizations, including Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Florida, Miami, Miss Ole, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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