Adalya Dorvil dead, this 17-year-old girl – Teenage girl found dead

Adalya Dorvil, 17, was last seen in the LaSalle borough. SPVM investigators say they have reason to fear for his health and safety. #rcmtl

The body of a young woman was found along the St. Lawrence River near La Salle in Montreal early Tuesday afternoon.

About 1 p.m., a passerby saw the body at the bottom of a 10-foot embankment near the intersection of LaSalle Boulevard and Orchard Avenue.

Around 3:00pm, a delicate operation was underway to recover the body, which was in a very inaccessible location.

Victims may fall unexpectedly, which turns out to be fatal.

According to our information, it may be the body of Adalya Dorvil, a 17-year-old girl who reported her disappearance to the authorities in the past few hours. The young woman was last seen in LaSalle.

In addition, at noon, several of the teenager’s close relatives were at the scene of the tragedy, eagerly watching the tragic scene.

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