Barack Obama’s dog Bo dies reported on Twitter – RIP Bo Obama

Former President Barack Obama announced on Twitter on Saturday that the family’s beloved dog, Bo, has died.

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“Today our family has lost a true friend and a loyal companion. For over ten years, Bo has been living steadily and tenderly in our lives. It’s great to see us on our good and bad days. And all the days in between.” listed.

Barack Obama announced that Bo had died at the age of 12.

The former president of the United States shared the unfortunate news on Twitter with a series of photos of the Portuguese water dog Bo.

He said that Bo Xilai has always been a “smooth and steady existence” in Obama’s life.

Bo Xilai arrived at the White House in April 2009.

Obama wrote: “Today, our family has lost a true friend and loyal companion. For more than ten years, Bo has been a constant and gentle presence in our lives. It is great to see us in our good days and bad. Days and all. days have a good time.Half of the world.

“He put up with all the fuss when he walked into the White House. The barking is big, but he doesn’t bite. In summer he likes to jump in the pool. He doesn’t bring children. He lives off the extremes. Around the table. He has fantastic hair. .

“It is exactly what we need and it exceeded our expectations. We will miss it very much.”

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