Dead: Actress Una Stubbs is dies at 84

Yuna Stubbs, who went from dancer to actress, has several memorable milestones in her long and varied career: she acted alongside Cliff Richard during the summer holidays (Peter Yates, 1963), she played Alf Garnett’s daughter in “Till Death We Do Part “(1966-75)., The captain in the latest ITV board game Give Us a Clue (1979-86), Aunt Sally (1979-81) and Mrs. Hudson in the children’s series. In the recent BBC Sherlock Holmes update, each one is different but each interprets his bright and cheerful personality in his own way.

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She was born in Hinckley, Leicestershire on May 1, 1937 and her mother sent her to La Roche School of Dance in Slough. She made her debut as a dancer at the Palladium Theater in London.

As part of ITV’s first attempt to capture the youth pop market in Cool for Cats (1958), her television career officially began, performing with Dougie Squires Dancers, and her dance routines reached the record of the day. In 1963, she joined the cast of the new guessing game show Don’t Say A Word (ITV, 1963), the predecessor of “Give Us a Clue.”

However, her charm and her talent for dancing allowed him to join the healthy gang that surrounded Cliff Richard during the summer vacation and her wonderful life (f. Sidney J. Furie, 1964). In the early 1970s, she became a frequent guest on her TV shows – she danced, sang, and appeared in sketches with the star.

Considering that her background is not that threatening, it was a pleasant surprise to find her in one of the most controversial comedies of the 1960s, because Rita, who was often provoked, was the daughter of Alf Garnett, a sworn fan, until that her death we part.

She reprized this role in the later series “Hasta la muerte” (ITV, 1981) and “Sickness and health” (BBC, 1985-86).

Young viewers will remember her as the vicious Aunt Sally in the childhood adventures of the popular and charming ITV scarecrow, Worzel Gummidge. During this period, she played Lionel Blair on the daytime game show “Give Us a Clue” as the captain, attracting another group of people. Subsequently, she returned to children’s food with the dramatic comedy “The Worst Witch” (ITV, 1998-2000) in a witch school.

During the 2000s, she made regular television appearances, including short dramas on EastEnders (BBC, 1985-) in 2006, and comedy roles on Catherine Tate Show (BBC, 2004-07) and sitcoms. hell. Benidorm (ITV, 2007-).

In recent years, her theatrical career has continued to challenge typography, taking on more serious roles, including various roles for director Michael Grandage. In 2010, she returned to television as a charming Mrs. Hudson, butler to Holmes and Watson, in the BBC summer hit “Sherlock.”

She married and divorced actors Peter Gilmore and Nicky Hansen.

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