Dead: John Meadows John Meadows the bodybuilder is dies

According to a source in social networks, the Consolidated professional bodybuilder would have died but does not report the causes of the fact.

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John Meadows reportedly passed away at the age of 49. He died in his sleep on Sunday, August 8, 2021. At the time of writing, the exact cause of his death has not been announced. John Meadows is a former IFBB professional bodybuilder and well known trainer. Most recently, he trained IFBB professional bodybuilder Shaun Clarida before winning the 2020 Olympia 212 Championship.

Several sources close to him have reported the news to Generation Steel, but currently neither his family nor John Meadows’ official social media page or website has made an official announcement.

John Meadows is a bodybuilder and in the early days of his involvement in this sport, he suffered from a rare colon disease that nearly killed him. Eventually, he broke his colon and was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he survived and, after several months of recovery, he returned to the bodybuilding industry and did what he loved to do.

Despite these major health issues, he still has an IFBB Pro card.

His past health has given him a different perspective on bodybuilding and life. His goal has become to continue to pay attention to his health in a way that many people do not. After retiring from competitive bodybuilding, he continued to serve as a nutritionist and trainer. He has trained many bodybuilders throughout his career. In particular, he recently coached Sean Clarida in 2020, when he won the men’s 212 Olympia.

On May 11, 2020, John Meadows suffered a heart attack due to a bleeding disorder of the blood vessels. He was hospitalized, but soon returned to a stable state. The news was first announced by his wife Mary Meadows.

John thinks his wife is the most influential person in his life. She experienced the “ups and downs” with him and was always supportive of his life decisions. “I couldn’t do this without her,” John Meadows said of her wife. “When I got sick and was released from the hospital and was too weak to take care of myself, she did everything for me, including hygiene things that I couldn’t say.”

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