Dead Robert David Steele, US computer scientist known for its promotion of open code intelligence

As an executive of an oil company, he spent the first decades between Latin America and Asia. Steele has a degree in political science, a mastery of international relations and a mastery of public administration. During the Civil War, he served as a political official on the US Embassy in El Salvador and then headed a foreign policy team in Washington. He represented the Infantry of Marina in several intelligence agencies and continued to study artificial intelligence and cognitive strategies even after the liberation of citizens 2.

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By general, he associates 3 with the open code intelligence movement and accuñó the terms virtual intelligence and peacekeeping information. He stated that the United States needs to reform its intelligence services so that the private sector can provide a high percentage of open source services to the country, thereby reducing costs.

He says that in the hacker subculture, the “collective wisdom” the “intelligent group” (according to Howard Rheingold’s definition) should be considered a national resource.

Steele is an international supporter of open source intelligence (OSINT). It recorded these reports. Although they have recently been ignored, he has defended the correct definition of national interests in source intelligence through decades of experience. Open al present; He also argued that the CIA had refused to take the original open source information seriously for decades and should not be responsible for developing new capabilities that are completely different from its current culture of secrecy4.

In June 2017, Steele said in an interview with Alex Jones that NASA has a colony on Mars with human slaves, that they were kidnapped and deported there when they were children; NASA negotiated the declaration of Teal No. 5.

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