Dead: Siti Sarah Raissuddin, 36 year old singer, dies

A few weeks ago, local comedian and actor Shuib Sepahtu announced to the public that his family had been infected with Covid-19. Through his Instagram post, Shuib prayed that his family would pass this test and be healthy again.

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What is more concerning is that his wife, singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin, who is 7 months pregnant, has also been infected and is currently in a worrying state. On the last day of the quarantine, the oxygen level in Siti Sarah’s body suddenly dropped and before being sent to the hospital, she was asked to use an oxygen assist device.

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Siti Sarah’s manager confirmed her condition when he reported that Sarah should cut the isolation bracelet on Wednesday (August 4). However, she suddenly felt uncomfortable the day before and her condition worsened.

“Sarah was rushed to the hospital by ambulance around 6:30 pm for treatment. Her isolation bracelet should have been cut off today (Wednesday 4 August), but due to constant coughing and a drop in oxygen content on her body, her health status is not convincing, “said Nana Mohd Rom, manager of Siti Sarah.

According to Shuib’s statement in today’s recent post, Siti Sarah’s condition has not improved and her oxygen level is also unstable. Next, Siti Sarah had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of HUKM Cheras. In the post, Shuib also asked the public to pray for his wife and the baby in the womb, and hope that God will give them strength.

“Hello everyone, my wife entered the ICU this morning due to unstable oxygen and her condition is not very good. On this blessed Friday, I humbly ask you to pray for Sarah and the children in our womb. May Allah promote this process and Give you strength. May Allah bless us all. Amin, “Shuib wrote in the post.

In this sense, other celebrities and netizens commented on their encouragement and support for the couple. Many people commented and prayed for the happiness of Siti Sarah and her children.

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