Death: Kevin rosa is dead?

Galal Yafai was still working full time at the Land Rover factory in Solihull, when his brother Kal had no place on the London 2012 boxing team.

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Nine years later, the 28-year-old beat Filipino player Carlo Paalam to win the flyweight gold medal at the Tokyo National Gymnasium, thus ending any lingering sense of Olympic injustice.

As Karl continues to win the professional world championship and another brother Gamar wins the European championship, Galla admits that he always has a hard time believing those who insist on telling him that he is capable of similar success in boxing.

But his split decision overcame Param, and one of the five referees scored to support the Filipino, but from the moment Yafa left his opponent on the left straight in the first round, the result seemed almost unquestionable. He was crowned. A series to ensure his outstanding performance.

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