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Eric Mcclure is dead? NASCAR competitor Eric McClure has died at age 42

  • by Jesús Torres
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Eric McClure participated in 291 NASCAR National Series events from 2003 to 2016 at the age of 42.

McClure’s fiancee Keira Brinegar Tibbs (Keira Brinegar Tibbs) shared the incredibly sad news in a Facebook post Sunday morning.

McClure (McClure) has been a poor, hard-working racer throughout his NASCAR career. In opening more than 288 NASCAR Xfinity series races, the Virginia native only won the top 10 finishes, but by putting all of his energy into the low-end teams, he increased his enthusiastic fan base.

McClure has also increased brand awareness through a long-term, recognized partnership with Hefty. McClure’s last NASCAR race was JD Motorsports’ 0th place in the 2016 season opener of the NASCAR Xfinity series.
McClure tried to return to Nazca in 2021, but it never happened.

McClure (McClure) left seven daughters from a previous marriage and played with the daughter of his fiancé in a Facebook video on Saturday.

In this extremely tragic moment, we share the same ideas with Kiera Brinegar Tibbs and the entire McClure family.