Joel Kim Booster naked leaked onlyfans, photos and videos on Twitter

American comedian Joel Kim Booster recently joked that he found nude photos of himself leaked online during a recent Netflix comedy special.

On his comedy special “Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual,” which was filmed at Catch One in Los Angeles, Booster said he had shot “dozens,” if not “probably hundreds,” and was surprised Find out they were published last year on a website.

“I often take pictures of my nudes and then recklessly post them,” said Booster, 34. “[Because] I was so irresponsible about it, last Christmas, actually on Christmas Eve, I found out All my nude photos were leaked online.”

The “Fire Island” star said he was “disturbed”, “angry” and “hurt” when he discovered the leaked nude photos.

“…then I found out they were being posted on a ‘celebrity’ male nude site,” Booster continued, emphasizing the word ‘celebrity’ in his joke, “I was like, ‘They can stay Come down.’ You know what? Save them for New Year’s Eve. Let the kids have fun. It’s been a tough two years, you know?”

Booster mentioned that he saw positive comments on his photos in the comments section, and quipped, “What the hell do I care?” You know, I don’t even send nudes anymore. I just send the link. “

Jokes about Booster’s nude photos have been circulating since 2018. In a tweet on November 19, 2018, the comedian wrote: “I mean if I get hacked, the worst thing that could happen is they might About a thousand gay strangers abroad sent nude photos.”

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